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Teaching Philosophy

"Peggy is very creative, patient and she teaches me many different ways to create a piece of art out of clay. She also gives very clear and discriptive instructions. She inspired me by showing me her art pieces, and one day maybe I could be like her."

-- Sonya, 11 years old

"Peggy always gives helpful advice and sets up a warm and inviting atmosphere. She tells us great stories which make us smile and make our classes even more fun."

-- Audrey Surprenant

"Peggy’s art studio is a magical place where you feel like a real artist."

-- A happy 3rd grade artist

"Peggy helped transform my daughter from someone who shied away from art – to someone who views herself as an artist. Peggy believes that everyone has the capacity within them to create art – and her classes nurture this."

-- Mother of a happy 3rd grade artist

"Creativity flows in Peggy's class"

-- C.M.

"Coming to Peggy's studio is the highlight of my week. It is a refreshing and creative experience, with just the right amount of technical support. I am always amazed at what emerges from the creative process."

-- An art mom

"Peggy provided the magic that awakened my creative spirit!"

-- Adult student - NJM

"Peggy has not only helped me grow as an artist, but has also helped facilitate my growth as a person; regardless of how difficult I was, she was there and willing to help me whenever I was in a rut. Thank you Peggy!"

-- Recent Peggy Graduate

"I don't know if it is the clay, the music or the snacks but there is certainly magic in that studio and Naomi would give up anything in order to keep going to Peggy's. She started in first grade and 10 years later she will not miss a class. It is a space where she feels secure enough to express herself not only artistically but also emotionally and helps her work through some difficult experiences in her life."

-- Doris Cohen

"Peggy Johnston is not only a great teacher, she is a wonderful and reliable friend. In her class the only rules are: have fun and there's nothing you can't do!"

--(The Great) Mimi W.

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The following is a partial list of my teaching beliefs
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