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Adult Art Classes

Classes are not being offered at this time. Please check back soon.

Art Felting: Learn ancient and modern techniques for making felt. Create wonderful scarves, hats, purses, sculpture, jewelry, etc. using ancient and modern techniques for making felt from colorful wool.

Mosaic (Pique Assiette) Creations: Artists will learn how to cover a surface with "broken ceramic" and other materials to form creative mosaics. Flat and curved surface-covering principles will be introduced.

Gourd Art: Learn how to prep, cut, color, engrave, and embellish your own unique gourd creation...perhaps a mask, vessel, jewelry, purse, lampshade, sculpture, etc. Lots of fun.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC®) Intro or Advanced: Extra fees apply (High school and older only) Make unique jewelry or small creations using an amazing new clay-like product that becomes fine silver after firing. Some PMC provided, but additional PMC will need to be purchased at market prices. All tools for Intro class provided. This is an awesome experience! I am a Certified PMC® Instructor.

Adult Class Descriptions


Clay Studio: Artists will use standard techniques (e.g., pinch, coil, slab, extruder...) in imaginative ways to make creations of their own choice! Additional advanced techniques will be introduced as the artist's projects require.

*Other Opportunities:

"All Day" ART Extravaganzas!

I will be having all day (9 AM-3 PM) Weekend studio workshops/classes.

The topics/media will be varied and will provide for in-depth work or special techniques.

Orange Designs


General Information:
  • Offered during the school year as two-hour drop-in studio classes

  • Costs includes most materials/services, unless otherwise noted

  • Classes paid for in advance must be taken within one year of purchase

  • Technical advice and support will be given at the level necessary for each artist/project

  • Each artist will work on projects of his/her own choosing, after an introductory project is completed to give/refresh basic skills

  • A kiln-firing fee will be collected for ceramic pieces constructed outside the studio/There is a fee for clay taken from the studio to work at home
E-mail notification list:
  • Contact me if you are interested in being on the e-mail notification list for these events.

    *If there other classes not found here that you would be interested in, please e-mail your request. I am always interested in teaching new classes and welcome your input on topics. Thank you for your interest.

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